Upstalsboom to start using IT systems from ISO Travel Solutions

Upstalsboom will use the renowned Pacific reservation system from ISO Travel Solutions for its new sales strategy.

Upstalsboom Kultur & Entwicklung GmbH from Emden and ISO Travel Solutions GmbH from Nuremberg have entered into a partnership. Upstalsboom relies on the proven Pacific reservation system from ISO Travel Solutions. ISO will configure Pacific to the specific needs of the new partner and embed the software into Upstalsboom's system landscape.

Pacific thus will become the new central reservation system on a new distribution platform at Upstalsboom. Via this platform, Upstalsboom hotels and vacation rentals will be able to provide dynamic rates and availabilities without intermediaries at daily updated conditions as well as package tours to stationary distribution partners, among others. For this purpose, Upstalsboom is connecting its channel manager systems, which are in use at Upstalsboom hotels and vacation apartments.

For Upstalsboom's distribution partners, this means dynamic hotel rates for higher revenues, no price comparison disadvantage compared to well-known hotel portals. In addition to it, constant availability (last room availability) and creative packages that can be connected via standard market systems. Upstalsboom currently offers this connection not only for the German core market but also for (online) travel agencies in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Carmen Rieskamp from Upstalsboom is responsible for the new tour operator and the associated platform and explains: "We as Upstalsboom need an experienced IT partner from the tourism industry for this project. It was important for us to find a partner that has a proven and at the same time a modern reservation system in its portfolio, which flexibly supports our future ideas and requirements and, above all, ensures the connection of our channel managers. The requirements in the vacation and hotel segments are very different. After intensive market research, we decided to go with ISO Travel Solutions and Pacific. We found the best mix of tourism expertise, existing system scope and customizability with ISO, in combination with a very customer-friendly pricing model. We are already working intensively with ISO on the implementation and the Go-Live for distribution."

Markus Kretschmer, Managing Director at ISO Travel Solutions: "We are particularly pleased about the partnership with Upstalsboom in several respects: On the one hand, we have been fascinated by the special way of interacting with people and the philosophy at Upstalsboom from the very beginning. We are proud to have been appointed "Upstalsboomers on time" in the course of the partnership. On the other hand, this decision, which was initiated in the middle of the difficult pandemic period, sends an important message to both our teams, as well as to the tourism market. It is very positive for all of us that, despite the difficult circumstances, new, creative tourism projects continue to be initiated and that IT partners with a reliable system are required for this."

About Upstalsboom Hotel + Freizeit GmbH & Co. KG

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