Lünendonk List 2023: ISO Software Systeme GmbH among the top 25

In 2022, the ISO-Gruppe succeeded in increasing its sales by 35 percent to 137 million in Germany. This qualified it for a place among the most economically successful 25 IT service providers in Germany.


Trade and business media regard the Lünendonk list as an industry barometer.

The year 2022 was the strongest ever for the ISO-Gruppe in terms of sales: In Germany alone, 137 million sales were recorded last year. On the one hand, this growth is an expression of the increasing digitization in the DACH region. On the other hand, the increase is also a sign of the revitalization of various markets such as the tourism and aviation industries, for which the ISO-Gruppe offers numerous IT solutions and consulting services.

Other growth segments were the business units "Public Administration", "Data Quality in SAP" and "Medical Technology". Services around the product range for agile software development of the Australian manufacturer Atlassian also contributed a part to the pleasing overall result. Recruiting of IT personnel for ISO-Gruppe customers also picked up strongly again last year. In the meantime, around 650 employees at 9 locations in 4 countries are working for customers worldwide, with an upward trend. They are supported by a partner network of mainly medium-sized IT service providers from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg and the rest of Germany which has been established over the years. The high degree of reliability and the high-quality solutions combined with numerous innovations convinced partners and customers of the ISO-Gruppe alike.

The Lünendonk list is an annual provider ranking. To be included, a company must generate more than 60 percent of its sales with management and IT consulting, systems integration, software development and implementation. Trade and business media regard the Lünendonk list as an industry barometer.

"We can be proud of the excellent development in 2022," explains Moritz Goeb, member of the ISO-Gruppe Management Board. "Continuous, healthy growth has been part of our corporate strategy for years. Working on complex, partly international IT projects with numerous stakeholders under the special circumstances of the pandemic was a great challenge. I am very pleased that our group of companies has mastered this challenge as in previous years and was able to implement such strong growth in 2022."

"That we delivered a strong 2022 was of course clear to us. A 35 percent increase in sales speaks a clear language. But the fact that we also made it into the top 25 IT consultants and system integrators in Germany makes us particularly happy," explains Johannes Reichel, member of the ISO-Gruppe management board. "However, we are not resting on our laurels and are already working on improving our position again in 2023."


On June 15, 2023, the renowned consulting and market research company Lünendonk & Hossenfelder announced that we have made it among the best in another study. On the 2023 Lünendonk list for "Leading medium-sized IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany", ISO Software Systeme GmbH occupies a respectable 10th place. "This comparison is particularly valuable because it took place at eye level. To be among the top 10 medium-sized companies shows the importance ISO now has in Europe's economically strongest country", explains Johannes Reichel, member of the ISO-Gruppe management board.

Source: Lünendonk & Hossenfelder