ISO announces partnership with GTA

Customer Relationship ManagementISO Travel Solutions announces the partnership with GTA by Travelport, Gullivers Travel Associate one of the world´s leading wholesalers of hotels, ground products and destinations services to the travel industry.

ISO Travel Solutions from Nuremberg , Germany, connects its tour operator management system "OCEAN" to GTA by Travelport (Gullivers Travel Associate) online travel distribution system.

In first stage of this connection GTA´s hotel content with over 21.000 properties will be accessed. The OCEAN users will be able to use most important functions online in OCEAN , such as an online availability query in GTA, the direct booking, the retrieve of existing bookings and the cancellation. In additional stages ISO will enhance the GTA connection functions and will add the possibility to use additional service types, such as apartments, transfers and destination services.

This XML-integration brings tremendous benefits for the OCEAN-users. They can book offer their clients a vast variety of additional hotels without having to load any additional base data, plus the reservation process of such additional hotels will be improved and made easier. The OCEAN users will stay within the well-known application masks and do not have to learn any additional systems and functions. All OCEAN transactions will be translated by the system into the corresponding GTA transactions and as such will be used through the new connection in GTA.

The connection will be developed by ISO as a new "Dynamic Travel Components" . ISO uses this term for the new java-based development strategy which is follows the approach of a "Service Oriented Architecture" (SOA). This new technology is also supported by ISO´s other tourism IT solutions "Pacific" , "Atlantic" and " Emerald ", the GTA connection can be integrated with these solutions as well.

Markus Kretschmer, ISO´s Sales Director: 
"Our tour operator IT solutions have already been connected to numerous external supplier- and reservation-systems through our 'Dynamic Travel Components' . As part of this, we have been asked often in the past by customers and potential clients specifically about the connection to GTA, which we did not have, so far. Especially in our successful markets Arabia and America there is a large demand for the GTA connection. Thus we started the development of the GTA integration, to fulfil this demand. 
GTA has helped us with all preparations for this development in a very friendly, competent and active way. As a result we will be able to present the connection live in a few weeks." 

Beatrix Schell, Business Development Manager at GTA: 
"With GTA´s Hotel-Content-Implementation ISO-clients obtain a unique Product-Portfolio, at best prices, backed by exemplary personal service. As a result ISO´s clients will be able to create exceptional travel experiences for their customers."

About GTA: 
GTA by Travelport is a ground travel and destination services content powerhouse. GTA works with over 35.000 ground product suppliers and have contracts with 21.000 hotels. GTA´s product are sold in over 120 countries throughout Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East. Over 13 million bednights a year are sold through us. GTA by Travelport is a truly global company with its headquarter in London, 28 sales and service offices and 2000 employees worldwide.