New Delhi International Airport uses ISO's SKYport Billing on SAP® for Aeronautical Billing

SKYport Billing on SAP®, the aeronautical billing and invoicing system from ISO Software Systeme went live at India’s capital airport New Delhi in March 2011 after been awarded for contract on December, 17, 2010. This was the fastest implementation of SKYport Billing on SAP® and of any aeronautical billing system ever for a large airport hub. It was prepared and carried out in a 24/7 service mode supported by an experienced local SAP®-Team. SKY-Billing is already in operations in India at Hyderabad Int’l Airport and Bangalore Int’l Airport.

Aside of the high standard of an automated billing process and the audit ability according to a complex regulatory framework like in India, SKYport Billing on SAP® was chosen for its open architecture allowing to add/modify rules in a flexible way and its capability to embed future small applications (Apps) for individual billing purposes into its environment, which can even be developed by local SAP®-providers or the airport staff itself. This solution makes the airport independent from single experts and makes it a safe investment into the future. ISO’s SKYport Billing on SAP® is known for its long lifecycle and its low cost of ownership.

Last year ISO was awarded for SKYport Billing on SAP® at other large capital airports including the New Berlin Int’l Airport and London-Gatwick Int’l Airport. With about 20 years experience worldwide at about 50 airport installations of their billing solutions SKYport Billing on SAP® and its platform independent counterpart SKYport Base ISO is the market leader in aeronautical billing.