Neckermann Hungary counts on integrated technology from ISO Travel Solutions, Peakwork and Salesforce

Neckermann Hungary counts on the central tour operator system Pacific by ISO Travel Solutions. In cooperation with Peakwork and Salesforce, the local tour operator can now sell his own package tours and dynamic bundles and process them in one go.

ISO Travel Solutions and Peakwork, with the support of Salesforce, has equipped the Neckermann Hungary tour operator with a new system. Neckermann Hungary can now produce, sell and manage their package tours and dynamically bundled tours themselves with this new system. This three-part solution package comprised of Peakwork, Salesforce and systems by ISO Travel Solutions is the first of its kind in Europe.

Peakwork is responsible for the shopping part with online search engine and booking, including the sourcing of dynamic products for hotels and flights in their own B2C and B2B Internet Booking Engine for agencies. ISO’s Pacific consolidates all the data, informs partners and transmits them as a bundle to the Salesforce CRM, where the data is then processed.

Through the new end-to-end process, Neckermann Hungary thus achieves a very high rate of automation. This reduces employee workload, which in turn frees up time to offer more products and services to the customers. Neckermann Hungary is the only tour operator from the former Thomas Cook Group that hit the ground running as an independent agent or operator. Two experts from the Hungarian tourism industry will lead the new company: Dr. Veronika Békefi and Dr. János Szvoboda.