ISO Professional Services puts their second data center into operation

ISO Professional Services, an IT company based in Nuremberg, now offers improved hosting services by placing a second data center into operation.

ISO Professional Services extended their hosting environment with the addition of a second, physically separate data center, significantly boosting performance, availability and security of its customer system. So, it is now possible to mirror systems and replications in both data centers.

By setting up their “2nd data center”, ISO Professional Services relies on the new technologies from their partners #Veeam and #VMware: among others, the company uses vSAN storage virtualization software, which manages both computing and storage on a central platform. Thus, the hosting is independent from any central storage.

Further measures are being taken to constantly improve the services for ISO Professional Services’ customers, for example, by optimizing their support services with customized monitoring solutions on application level, load balancing with F5 and automation of rollouts.