Barbara Nägerl-Amaro appointed to the Management Board of the ISO-Gruppe

Since January 1, 2020, Barbara Nägerl-Amaro has been part of the Management Board of the ISO-Gruppe. She is responsible for Employee Management.


Barbara Nägerl-Amaro has been the Director of Marketing for the ISO-Gruppe since 2010 and has widened her responsibilities to include employee recruitment and marketing in 2016. Her proactive management style fits the growing demands of the dynamic IT job market. Her vision of fully engaging, empowering and encouraging the employees as well as promoting the ISO-Gruppe employer brand among the German University communities is evident in her work. She has not only developed and improved in-house processes during her tenure but also promoted the growth of the entire ISO-Gruppe.

Her journey to success

Coming from a family of hoteliers, it was not surprising that Barbara Nägerl-Amaro studied Hotel Management (with a focus on Business Administration, HR and Marketing). Being surrounded by a work ethic that promotes teamwork, and encourages everyone to contribute to the success of the business, she enjoyed her employee supervisory role the most. After completing her two-year apprenticeship training, she received her trainer certification before joining an International Zurich hotel as the Chef de Brigade.

Barbara Nägerl-Amaro developed her skill set while employed at several companies such as the Dorfner Gruppe, Oracle Germany and the former INA subsidiary COI. She successfully executed a wide variety of roles over the years in Purchasing, Sales, Recruiting and Event Management, which sustainable shaped the respective companies. Her portfolio includes setting up a modern internet marketing communication initiative that drove sales and advertising digitization, which continuously advanced the COI GmbH.

The ISO-Gruppe benefits from Barbara’s insights and experience

Barbara Nägerl-Amaro was the perfect candidate in 2010 to reorganize the ISO-Gruppe’s Marketing Department. She created a modern corporate design, optimized processes and opened up new communication channels with her team. She created a strong company culture by inspiring, motivating and mentoring her team with the same family-oriented values she has always known. She values personal interaction at all company levels and with the Goeb family, which is essential in the ISO-Gruppe. She takes pride in playing a meaningful role in strengthening the fiber of the ISO-Gruppe community.