ISO Travel Solutions supports tour operators with a Covid-19 aid package

In order to help tourism companies these days with their workload, ISO Travel Solutions has published a special Covid-19 aid package, which is available to all ISO Pacific system users.

ISO Travel Solutions is offering a special package to their Pacific tour operator system users. New automated functions help resolve Covid-19 problems with minimal effort and can even avoid the problems altogether.

These are the “Covid-19 features” available to all Pacific users:

  • Refund or Voucher – ability to choose between “cash back” or automatic voucher
  • Timed Products and Timed Prices – manages time-of-day dependent services and tariffs
  • Mass Adaption of Allotments – simplifies the administration of the ever changing rules from external regulations
  • Country Information/Travel Advisory – receive information on restrictions due to Covid-19
  • Wallet Integration – contact-free authentication with electronic mobile passes
  • Price Logic à la “” – choose between cancelable and non-cancelable price tier
  • Keep Current Price – The customer receives a price guarantee, when they choose to rebook at later date

“From numerous discussions with our customers and prospective customers, we identified the greatest hardships and considered solutions for every possible scenario, how to best to support them with our Pacific system for the additional workload caused by Covid-19”, Markus Kretschmer explains, Managing Director of ISO Travel Solutions.

In particular, the constant change of external regulations, prices and availabilities, and the resulting constant rebooking are now optimized with functions and automation. Another important feature is the automatic creation of refunds and vouchers. In addition, all related processes can run fully automated, without the need to tediously edit every single booking manually.

“All solutions were coordinated with the customers and they can now be used with every customer” according to Markus Kretschmer. “This is our way of helping our longstanding customers and partners and contributing to the adjustments needed to the new challenges facing the tourism industry today.”

Find further information in the corresponding flyer.

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