Your reservation system for river cruises

Numerous river cruise providers suffer from outdated IT. Manual processes, old-fashioned interfaces, and few opportunities to attractively offer additional services are spoiling the business. Even though the travel products being offered are of high quality. What is the point of having a vast offering if the sales range is too small? How can you present your services attractively if you do not have the means to do so? How can manual efforts be minimized if the technical prerequisites for modern, effective processes are not in place?

Increase your sales by appealingly offering travel products with our modern Internet Booking Engine and our powerful reservation system. Connect to existing sales networks with our interfaces and suddenly expand your sales reach in entirely new areas. In addition, automate your processes with our powerful reservation system. 

Everything from a single source: ISO is your contact for a fully comprehensive solution for the front-end and back-end.

Powerful combination: IBE & Reservation System

Out of the box vacations are out; individually packaged river cruises are in. However, how do you present the numerous individual offers to your customers in an attractive and fast way?

Our Internet Booking Engine is tailored precisely to the needs of cruise operators. Use the interactive deck plan or present additional services such as arrivals and departures by train, bus, or flight, as well as pre-and post-cruise programs. If a customer wants to change or buy something after they have booked, no problem, you can also accommodate them. It is no problem with the IBE and the reservation system from ISO Travel Solutions.

Your Benefits:

  • Intuitive Internet Booking Engine
  • Cabin Management
    • Interactive deck plan with cabin selection (manual or automatic)
    • Partial/shared occupancy of a cabin
    • Block cabins for several legs (combined trips)
  • Additional services
    • Onboard credit
    • Gift orders in the cabin
    • Beverage package
    • Excursions
  • Directly integrated shopping cart
  • Book additional upsell and cross-sell services
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Arrival + departure
    • Train
    • Flight
    • Bus
  • Manage My Booking
    • Digital booking documents
    • Manifest data
  • Interactive and personalized videos
  • AI supported packaging
  • Automated back-end processes  
  • Own ships or charter
  • Yield Manager
  • Data exchange with the ship PMS 

How our e-commerce and reservation solutions work

Our e-commerce solutions focus on selling your in-house and third-party products. Promote your portfolio on your booking website with live vacancies and powerful images. Additionally, offer your products via interface or as a white label to any partner. From the interactive ship deck plan to the optional excursion, everything is displayed and bookable online.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) based tool, Travel:tailor, supports your workflow. Based on your rules, the tool presents all relevant products to generate more revenue and increase your customer satisfaction at the same time.

In addition, our Travel:up Video tool can attractively complement all your offered trips. Showcase videos in a new perspective. Using individual scenes, our software creates a personal video tailored to the customer's needs. It addresses the customer directly with personal messages, as each video is customized. All videos are generated fully automatically and then sent to customers and prospects. Your videos are interactive and directly linked to the customer's booking, so they can book additional services directly from the respective clip.

Our Pacific core system manages all of these activities. Pacific is not only a versatile and flexible reservation system, but it is also the perfect fit for any river cruise operator. You can use it for any trips, packages, FIT, groups, or charters.

Due to its modern architecture, we can integrate all the required modules individually into your existing IT landscape.

Maximum automation of processes: everything from requests and options to bookings, through to the manifest and financial accounting.

Why is ISO's river cruise solution so special?

Our front-end – the e-commerce solution

Our Internet Booking Engine is one of the few fully comprehensive e-commerce solutions on the market. Use our software to illustrate and attractively advertise your products and offers. In the "My Booking" login area, your customers can manage their bookings by themselves. Your customers can also enter all their data for the manifest in the online portal.

Our versatility – the interfaces

We offer dynamic purchasing interfaces that allow you to add services such as hotels, day trips, or insurance from numerous third-party providers to your portfolio. The interfaces enable you to add product options that are in demand from customers to your range of offerings. With our interfaces, you can use the API to automatically offer your travel products for sale to third-party providers all over the world. This opens up numerous new sales channels and increases your reach many times over.

Our intrinsic values – the back-end

The front-and and the interfaces are not the only areas where our modern e-commerce solutions shine. In addition, the back-end is based on the proven Pacific reservation system used by numerous customers in America, Europe, and Asia. Our flagship system is fully mature and successfully used by several river cruise operators such as AROSA River Cruises and Lüftner Cruises. A high degree of automation facilitates daily handling and saves you resources.

Have you heard of Emerald? Emerald is our tourism CRM system for your perfect customer management. As a native Pacific partner, it is available to you as an additional option in the back-end.

We are pleased to have found a comprehensive solution for our diverse reservation and customer management challenges with Pacific and Emerald. The cooperation with our partners is characterized by the greatest possible flexibility and customer focus.
Lüftner Cruises

Head of Public Relations and Marketing (2014)

Tailor-made additional offers

Inspire your customers to discover new things. Thanks to sophisticated AI, our Travel:tailor tool always finds the right offer for your customers. This is how you create desirability and boost sales. Whether it's a cabin upgrade, onboard credit, or excursions, the possibilities here are endless.

Individual, interactive videos

Thanks to our Travel:up Video tool, you can give your customers an appetite for more. Automated, interactive videos tailored to each customer's interests add a personal touch to your offers. Send an email to your customers after booking with Travel:up Video and experience for yourself how your additional revenues increase.

Convince yourself with our demo video.

Your requirements, our solutions

We have an individual solution for each of your needs. You decide whether you book the entire system or just individual elements.


  • Intuitive Internet Booking Engine (browser & mobile)
  • Visualization of all your services
  • B2C, B2B or via interface – sell unlimited online
  • Manage My Booking – service area for your customers e.g. to download all documents

Pacific Reservation System

  • Access to all services combine your own cruise services with other in-house services as well as external partners' services
  • Easier booking management Inquiries, bookings, rebookings, or cancellations – all in one central process
  • Integration with cruise sales networks
  • Maintain control over your prices and availabilities – easily manage all sales


  • Optimized business processes in the marketing, sales, and service areas
  • Lower Process Costs for customer relationship management
  • Faster, web-based access to all business partner data
  • Increased customer loyalty through a better understanding of customer needs

Tool Travel:tailor

  • AI – present and sell exactly what your customer wants
  • Upsell & cross-sell – clever placement of additional products
  • Own set of rules – define your business rules

Tool Travel:up Video

  • Interactive & personalized – sell more thanks to personal videos
  • Sales 2.0 booking via the interactive video
  • 80% higher conversions – through the even better presentation of your products
  • Appeal to all age groups videos are very popular among young adults

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