Travel API – Your Web Service for Online Sales and Marketing

The Travel API allows you to sell your travel services online. This opens up two distribution channels for you: You can use the Travel API (Application Programming Interface) to let your external distribution partners book your services online. These external partners can then query and book all your services without having to leave their own systems.

Travel API and IBE provide new distribution channels

Moreover, you can use the Travel API to supply your services to your Internet Booking Engine (IBE): create your own IBE and integrate them into your existing website. The Travel API provides the entire data to this IBE and forwards all sales functions between the IBE and your reservation system – bidirectionally. Thanks to your IBE and the Travel API, the visitors of your website can thus query and book all your services online. In addition to the Travel API, we can also create an IBE specifically for you!

The Travel API consists of web services that contain all the functions relevant for your online travel sales such as checking for vacancies, booking, collecting customer data and rebooking. You decide which of these functions to use for what sales channel. You can, for example, allow the cancelling of bookings in the B2B sector but not in the B2C sector.

The Travel API comes with detailed documentation so that you can connect to your distribution channels and/or your IBE quickly and conveniently.

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