ISO Travel Checker

The ISO Travel Checker (ITC) confirms according to set criteria, whether the trip planned is feasible time wise for the customer. ITC checks, for instance, if the travel times between airport, an event and the hotel are plausible and realistic. This can be achieved by using the ISO Tool Travel Checker. It calculates the time needed for the exit from the plane, the security checks afterwards, the transfer to the start of the event.

Why ISO Travel Checker?

Today there is a demand in customized and tailor-made travel offers. This is where the Travel Checker comes into play and helps the booker to select the best possible route while still having an overview over all single travel components. Already defined travel itineraries can be refined or created from scratch fitted to the very own requirements with the Travel Checker. The ITC ensures that the travel route planned will be feasible for your customers.

A special check algorithm is in in place that checks the complete travel itinerary for consistency and feasibility.

Advantages of Travel Checker

  • Dynamic Packaging 2.0
  • simple feasibility checks for the created travel itinerary
  • fully customizable
  • covers all service areas

Features of the Dynamic Packaging Engine 2.0

  • based the powerful inventory management and reservation system Pacific
  • uses the Multi-CRS Gateway to connect to Computer Reservation Systems (CRS)
  • customizable online booking engine
  • supports multiple languages, currencies and clients
  • connects to online payment systems and integrates with your accounting
  • edit multimedia data and link dynamically to external multimedia systems
  • produce documents in various formats
  • data import and export
  • yield management
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Create your own packages – fixed or dynamically

The Dynamic Packaging Engine supports you in defining business rules that apply to the customers during booking. You can even set the prices according to such rules: charge simply the sum of all single component prices or define individual markup rules for such dynamically created packages. Alternatively, you can predefine fixed package prices for them.
You can even set up the pricing structure according to your calculation matrix. Feed different prices to your sales channels according to your product and individual market requirements.

Multi-CRS Gateway for Dynamic Packaging

The Dynamic Packaging functions of our tour operator systems Pacific and Pacific Incoming use the Multi-CRS Gateway to interface with all external supplier systems you need, giving you flexible access to your suppliers’ services.

Technical highlights

  • entirely browser-based user interface
  • no local installation required
  • low setup and maintenance costs
  • state-of-the-art booking kernel for high-volume load and optimum performance
  • connections to prevalent online distribution channels (B2B, B2C, GDS and offline distribution (INFX, EDF, OTDS)
  • based 100% on Java components and running on standard J2EE application server
  • model-driven development with automated code generation
  • test-driven development with tool-based quality assurance (automated regression tests)
  • Oracle database (other systems as well)
  • fully independent through use of Open Source frameworks
  • Service Oriented Architecture based in Dynamic Travel Components
  • can be hosted or ASP operated

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Products & Components for Pacific Dynamic Packaging 2.0

You can combine the Dynamic Packaging Engine with additional components for various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Pacific Dynamic Packaging and other components:

References of ISO Travel Solutions

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  • Logo: Journeys Across Canada
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  • Logo: Legoland
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