World premiere at the ITB

ISO Travel Solutions GmbH presents its completely new "ISO Dynamic Travel Components" strategy on the World’s leading Travel Trade Show, 5 – 9 March 2008 on the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin, hall 6.1, stand 108. With this constantly enhancing platform it is possible to combine different components to tailor-made IT-systems for the tourism industry.

Additionally to its existing out-of-the-box tour operator systems OCEAN , TOPIX and Canary, with the Pacific platform ISO Travel Solutions breaks a completely new technological ground for the future IT landscape of companies in the tourism sector.

Pacific is the new product name for the ISO Dynamic Travel Components . Pacific can be used by tour operators as “Software-Kit” with several so-called “Services”. These services are well-developed software components, which cover all necessary tasks of the daily work of a tour operator. Each service fulfils an individual task, simply speaking for example “Base Data Management”, “Booking Kernel”, “Business Partner Management”, etc. Thus, the combination of all these services forms a complete full-scale tour operator system. The additional great benefit of the new technology, is the fact, that a tour operator does not have to use all these services, if they are not needed. Instead, each tour operator can select the services that are actually needed and that should be used. This way the installed system will be tailor made to the operator’s need, and the costs will also be reduced to the absolute minimum.

The concept of this Software-Kit was developed based on the newest technologies with the focus on highest system performance – all that, of course, web based. As a result Pacific can be used by tour operators of any size and volume and can be configured according to their individual needs.

Some technical and functional highlights of Pacific:

  • Modern Booking Kernel, engineered for high volume load and optimal system performance
  • Multi GDS Engine for the flexible connection to external flight, rental car and hotel systems
  • Adaptable Internet Booking Engine
  • 100% Java Components, based on Standard J2EE Application Server completely browser based
  • Developed with automated quality assurance tool (nightly regression tests, code coverage analysis, etc....)
  • Model driven, automated code generation
  • Oracle Database
  • Absolutely independent, because of usage of Open Source Frameworks

Pacific: first customers
The Jumbo Group (Vienna, Austria) decides in favour of the new platform Pacific from ISO. The components are completely implemented in Java, highly scalable, web based and allow quick connection of new distributors through their sales-channel-management.
“Njoy Portugal” (Portimao, Portugal), a destination information portal for Portugal, decides in favour of the new Internet booking engine and other components of Pacific provided by ISO Travel Solutions. The web portal will go live beginning of March and be available at
Njoy Portugal realizes the enormous changes in the landscape of tourism and opens each market participant the possibility to sell their services such as standard airport transfers or Formula 1 tickets for daily updated prices.
With a set of tools, starting with trav XML interfaces for packaging, white label solutions up to affiliate solutions, Njoy Portugal will be in a position to provide an additional source of income to different meta search engines, travel agencies, tour operators and even online magazines.

Pacific on the reference list of Amadeus
The new tour operator solution of ISO called Pacific already stands on the international reference list of Amadeus when it comes to tour operator solutions with Amadeus connection.

CRM for tourism available in release 2.1
ISO furthermore presents the newest release of Emerald, the CRM solution especially designed for the tourism industry. Emerald is now also based on the components of the “ ISO Dynamic Travel Components ” framework, now. Powerful campaign management functionalities, the perfect integration of tour operator solutions and an improved business partner management top the new release of Emerald off.
The Hurtigruten Group ASA decided in favour of Emerald 2.1 and becomes the first major customer of the new product version which will go live in the second quarter of 2008.

Amadeus uses CRM components from ISO
Amadeus has chosen CRM components from ISO and already integrated them in their middleware. ISO therewith continues its successful partnership with Amadeus not only in Germany but also at international level. The first productive use is planned for the first quarter 2008 in Germany. Amadeus considers CRM as a central element in the further development of its distribution channel “Amadeus Selling Platform” to a marketing and retail solution for their currently 380.000 users worldwide.

Atlantic for the SAP market
ISO provides with Atlantic (powered by SAP Netweaver®) the perfect integration of touristy components in worldwide SAP standard solutions. Atlantic is also based on “ISO Dynamic Travel Components” and is perfectly qualified for tour operators who already use SAP or are planning to use it.
For many years, ISO has been developing SAP based solutions for international airports . Now, ISO continues this successful strategy in the tourism sector. As a member in the SAP Advisory Group “Platform Thought Leadership Council” ISO is in the position to test and to use newest technologies within the SAP platform.
The SAP Netweaver® Enterprise Portal provides a consistent user interface for all tour operator workflows and allows optimised and highly integrated operations. The SAP Web Application Server guarantees scalability and reliable availability also with heavy load transactions.
With the purchase of the majority shareholding of Faber-Castell Consulting ISO made another consistent step for providing not only professional software and consulting services for customers using SAP, but also offering hosting services for SAP solutions in tourism.

International tendering for Atlantic confirms ISO strategy
The high interest of internationally operating tour operators in Atlantic and the integration of SAP standard systems such as SAP FI (accounting) confirms ISO in its strategy to combine highly specialised components with reliable standards and best practices in consultancy to a user-specific solution.

Rotterdam, Holland: Travel Trend chooses ISO
Travel Trend decides in favour of Atlantic. The specialist for long-distance journeys with high demand on flexible product design needs to be optimally supported by its reservation system. “ISO Dynamic Travel Components” are integrated within the SAP Netweaver® Enterprise-Portal. New components such as a multi CRS Engine permit the online flight connection of Worldspan and optimally support the activities of Travel Trend.

OCEAN / Canary
The tour operator solutions OCEAN / Canary were extended by online connections to the flight rate system QPX as well as to Dancenter. An online car rental connection is being developed at present. The Amadeus flight connection, which is already existing for several years now, is currently being adapted to the new web services interface. Additionally, ISO developed an export and print functionality for price tables, an internationally applicable packaging IBE as well as the master data export to Traveltainment. For tour operators specialised in group or cruise travel, the handling of sub-allotments as well as the graphical seat reservation was extended.
Furthermore new automatisms monitor the allotment status and request further allotments from the service providers if necessary. Likewise different airline reporting procedures (PNLs) have been developed, which are used by a new customer called Sub Aqua Tauchreisen (Munich), among others.
Due to new customers in Romania, Abu Dhabi and on the Cap Verde Islands, the system becomes further on more internationally. In addition, ISO has current projects in South Africa and USA taking in consideration country specific adaptations.

Hotel solution MONACO
MONACO was extended by a 2-way-OTA-connection to reservation systems as well as by an integrated package handling tool. With the integrated yield management the hotelier has now the possibility to administer all connected systems automatically with up-to-date availabilities and prices. First installations show, that a PMS-solution based on the components strategy is also the right way into the future.

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