We can help you develop your personal NDC strategy.

Do you want to gain new sales channels? Then, let's take a look at how to define your offer best so your partners can sell it optimally.

Have you identified your distribution costs as a key cost driver? By using the right IT systems, we can show you how to achieve significant cost reductions.

Is now the right time to change?   

Some airlines look at their competitors with interest, but also with skepticism and ask themselves how long they can delay the changeover. Other market participants have not yet recognized the opportunities offered by NDC - for example, in terms of the increase in additional revenues with NDC compared to GDS. And, this does not only apply to the airline industry. Why should NDC not be used in bus, train or ferry sales as well?

Interpreting the standard

NDC is an industry standard. However, not all airlines have the patience to wait until all of the IATA members have agreed on every detail of the standard. Therefore, some of them defined their own interpretation of NDC. One of the consequences of this is that distribution partners still find it difficult to accept NDC for what it is: an excellent tool that airlines can use to provide their customers with tailor-made offers, completely detached from complicated fare structures and ready-made offers.

Developing your solution

As a strategic partner of IATA since 2011, ISO Software Systeme has been involved in NDC development from the very beginning. Within the Orders Group, our employees actively participate in the further development of the standards — from distribution to billing.  Based on our experience, we have not only driven our own system solutions forward, but various service providers from the travel industry have relied on our expertise for years.

We would be happy to provide you with advice and support, too. Whether it be in terms of business, technology or the definition of your future NDC system landscape, we are here to serve.

We look forward to accompanying you on your NDC Journey! 

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