Direct Access to your Customers

Transportation companies strive to continuously lower their distribution costs while still maintaining direct access to customers. Our Offer and Order Management System (OMS) actively supports the companies' transition to a retailing company. It opens up possibilities to make offers directly available to your customers via NDC or direct connection.

We developed a solution that rigorously applies the IATA-Standards while keeping the internal maintenance effort to a minimum. This avoids having a super complex expert system.


This System works with Order IDs

PNRs, Tickets and EMDs are necessary references, at best, when the OMS is deployed together with the traditional PSS. Additional services like hotel, car rental, insurance, etc. can also be offered with the integration of the Supplier Adapter Framework SKYfly Broker even though the provider does not support NDC nor ONE Order standard.

We are actively involved in the definition of standards in the IATA Order Group, which allows the implementation of new developments such as Settlement with Orders, communication with service or delivery providers, or Interlining in a timely manner.

Your benefits

We have been developing reservation systems for more than 25 years. If you are a tour operator, cruise ship company or airline – we have the experience and the capabilities to find the best solution for you.



Significantly reduce distribution and operation costs

With our NDC based solutions, you will be able to cut costs for distribution and IT. Choose the modules you need to support your business and do not pay for features you do not need.



Put the customer in the center of your business

Create personalized offers with flexible pricing and ancillaries. ONE Order will help optimize your customer’s travel experience while replacing paper-based processes.



Participate in the latest IATA standards development

NDC and ONE Order standards are changing the entire travel industry. Benefit from the standards to work better with your partners – from sales to accounting.



Enrich your offers with ancillaries and third-party services

Flight-related ancillaries like seats, meals, and inflight entertainment can easily be combined with lounge access, fast lane, rental cars or extras. Become a retailer.


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