Future-proof revenue accounting

SKYfly Revenue is the airline’s choice for Passenger Revenue Accounting to future-proof their business. Originally based on IATA SIS, new standards like NDC and ONE Order are continuously integrated in SKYfly Revenue and it supports a smooth transition to the new airline retailing world.


Get exact figures in real time

NDC opens up new distribution possibilities for airlines and at the same time leads to a leaner Revenue Accounting process. Still, Revenue Accounting is needed to ensure exact liability and revenue determination as well as swift interline billing. SKYfly Revenue supports you on your way to NDC and ONE Order and keeps your books straight.



Revenue Accounting to the standards and beyond.
We go the extra mile.


PSS or OMS – we don’t mind

SKYfly Revenue integrates with all the major and several smaller PSS’ (Passenger Service System) and any OMS’ (Order Management System) compliant to NDC and the ONE Order standard.


Ticketed or ticketless – it’s your choice

SKYfly Revenue already supports both ticketed and ticketless sales. A perfect start for your way from legacy or low cost to NDC and ONE Order.


Exact figures at your finger-tips

The integrated Accounting Interface Framework can be easily configured. It supports any financial accounting system and generates postings in real-time.


Follow the cash flow

SKYfly Revenue’s Payment Reconciliation module is Settlement with Orders compliant. You are always up to date with settlement amounts and dates.

  • PSS or OMS – we don’t mind
  • Ticketed or ticketless – it’s your choice
  • Exact figures at your finger-tips
  • Follow the cash flow
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