Social Media Platform Analysis for Tour Operators

Nowadays, it's all about reviews, ratings, rankings. Benefit from social media platforms by retrieving and analyzing valuable information – with ISO’s Big Data platforms. We offer a cross-platform solution for Social Media Monitoring.

Why monitor social media?

Identify trends early on, react accordingly – use our social media analysis tool to view your customers in more detail. Exploit the potential of freely available information and enjoy smooth integration with your tourism systems.

The answers to these pressing questions are freely available

  • How do customers rate my services in review portals?
  • What do customers say about my services in forums, blogs and social networks?
  • How are my products perceived by the various target groups?
  • Which services verifiably increase customer satisfaction?
  • Which products are moving against the trend of the market?
  • Where do I stand compared to the competition?

Social Media Monitoring

View your customers in more detail with our social media analysis system. Use social media monitoring to manage your products – for better customer satisfaction and a better portfolio.


Features of Social Media Monitoring

  • drill-downs for analyzing data from the destination level down to local level – even at hotel level
  • tag cloud shows at a glance the terms frequently used regarding a hotel
  • cluster analysis for grouping and comparing data according to your criteria

Products to complement Social Media Monitoring

You can combine the Social Media Monitoring with further solutions to add various useful functions. Besides the functions for monitoring Social Media, ISO can shape your entire IT landscape using innovative solutions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with the Social Media Monitoring:

References of ISO Travel Solutions

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